Andrew Quebe

Linode Concept

This project is a combination of an API, as well as an Android App that utilizes the API. The API was created by Patrick J, and the app was made by me. The app is meant to exemplify the use of Material Design, and updated Android Design guidelines. It creates a cleaner, more streamlined interface for Linode Customers to remotely manage their accounts.

Both the app and the API are open source. Refer to the license on each project for more info. In preparation for Linode's new API in the works, progress on this project has been put on hold to avoid extra work. We contacted Linode and they said the new API will not be compatible with the old one.

Evolve Wallpapers

Evolve is an Android app built by Andrew Quebe, with wallpapers designed by David Ratkovic. This was the first project I got paid to do. David contacted me and said he had purchased a wallpaper app template that didn't meet his expectations. I set out to create something better, and ended up coding a brand new app from scratch.


Retrome is an Android app built by Andrew Quebe, with wallpapers designed by David Ratkovic. It is essentially a second iteration of Evolve, but with better code optimization and organization.


Planets is an app that gives information about our solar system in a clean, guideline friendly way. It was the first app that I ever made, and published on the Play Store. My intention was to learn as much as I could about Android, and because of that, the actual content didn't receive much attention. It's now deprecated, but contributions can still be made on GitHub, and the app can be downloaded on Google Play.

AppIntro Library

Paolo Rotolo's AppIntro library allows developers to add introductions to their apps like the ones you see in those made by Google. I added some features for Android 6.0 permissions as well as some other little things for Kitkat+ devices. Over the course of the last couple months, I've been helping to maintain the library.

Freelance Availability

Do you have a website or an app you want built? Looking for someone flexible and easy to work with? I'm available to create whatever your heart desires (within reason)! If you are interested in getting a quote from me, feel free to visit my contact page.