About Me


I began to "fiddle" around with computers at age 11. Fiddling is probably an understatement depending on who you ask. I was so intrigued with software and all the different kinds, I tended to install a bunch of stuff and not realize how much it bogged down the system.

Eventually though, I learned aboout performance, and the fact that a computer wasn't capable of running everything all at once. In my freshman year of high school, I took an introductory course on HTML and Web Design. It was more than perfect for me, and I could not wait to utilize this knowledge in the real world.

Sophomore year, I took a advanced placement Java class, and learned about the basic syntax of one of the most famous programming languages. During that same time, I learned on my own that Java was used to build Android applications, and so I began to mess with that outside of school.

Junior year, I took a Mobile App Design class, which was good, but didn't use native programming like Java (Android) or Swift (iOS). During my senior year, I took a photography class, and fell in love with it.

Since taking those courses, I've learned a ton of stuff on my own, and have decided to major in computer science. My goal is to one day create something awesome that will help a lot of people.


I can fluently code in HTML and CSS. I've also messed around with JS, and PHP, but can't say I'm fluent in those languages. I can design and build Android apps as well as code in Java by itself. I'm also familiar with Git and Github, and use it frequently for projects of my own, as well as some others that I've contributd to.

Freelance Availability

Do you have a website or an app you want built? Looking for someone flexible and easy to work with? I'm available to create whatever your heart desires (within reason)! If you are interested in getting a quote from me, feel free to visit my contact page.